Today’s professionals are required to have multiple skills – from communicating with a multi-cultural workforce to managing a complex project, or learning new technologies to enhance efficiency. With its excellent track record of professional development, UniHouse helps working professionals in different industries to upgrade their skills, achieve higher personal and organizational standards, meet the challenges of change and deal effectively with global competition.
Throughout our global partnering with universities and consultants, we provide specific technical training in different areas including: Process and Chemical Engineering, Safety Health and Environment, Technical and Executive Training, Project and Contract Management, Information Technology and Soft Skills. Technical Training aims to develop human resources, social and legal frameworks, partnerships and organisations that nurture change, solve problems, enable efficiency and growth and add value to the communities they serve.
Practical Training
Our programs are led by highly-skilled trainers who are experienced individuals providing hands-on training in the fields they represent. They understand the real-world challenges you face and will sharpen your skills to handle them and contribute to the growth of your organisation as you zoom in your career. UniHouse partners with international bodies, private and public sector companies as well as nongovernmental organisations that are specialized in capacity building in the areas stated above. More information about our Technical Training Courses is available in our yearly Technical Training Manual.
Our Training Approach
At UniHouse we help our clients to build up relevant skills, knowledge and impetus that make a real difference in the job they do. UniHouse training draws on the deep knowledge and experience we have gained from being at the forefront of international and regional development. We help our clients all over the world to achieve their professional objectives. We train in the fields in which we have a deep understanding and experience, drawing upon the hundreds of experts within UniHouse's pool of experts, trainers and consultants.

Our training involves using active learning methodology based on the practical applications for all the stages and subjects of the programs which contribute to generating the intended learning outcomes.

Short Lectures, Case Studies, Brainstorming Sessions, Group Work Activities and Role Plays are just some of the training methodologies we use in our courses.