Competency Development

  • Competency development

    Today’s oil, gas and energy projects require that operators accumulate exclusive combination of skills in a well-trained, well-managed workforce. Having such a workforce is immense undertaking, one in which UniHouse Oil & Gas Services has wide-ranging experience.

    As an Operation & Maintenance specialist, our field involvement combined with our training expertise allows us to develop and deliver fit-for-purpose competency development solutions, to ensure the flat operation of your assets.

  • Competence consultancy

    Mitigating risk and ensuring safety are integral to oil and gas operations. Building standing and achieving better returns by enhancing capability across your workforce is a key ingredient to success. UniHouse OG partners with oil and gas clients globally to identify – and address – where current capabilities can be developed.

    Our innovative competence consultancy service uses a suite of tools and services to uncover areas for improvement. We tailor our service to provide specific insights for the individual customer. So you can harness our strategic insight and extensive knowledge of the industry to maximize performance where it really counts.

    We can deliver our competence consultancy service as a standalone offering or as part of an end-to-end solution. We have the resources not only to identify where competence can be developed – but also to design and deliver a comprehensive and bespoke training solution to respond to these specific gaps.

    We work in close partnership with our clients’ personnel to deliver our competence consultancy service, which covers:

    • Organisation competence alignment – to align the scope of our investigative work with the structure of your business
    • Competence analysis – to investigate and analyse areas for operational enhancement
    • Skills development strategy – to deliver a tailored strategy to develop competence where improvement is necessary or advantageous


    1- Organisation competence alignment

    To uncover those areas where proficiency can be enhanced, we must first examine a business in its entirety. UniHouse Training Services runs co-creation workshops in conjunction with client personnel to understand the specific systems, structures and processes of the business. In this way, we can align the scope of our analytical work with your particular operations and objectives.


    2- Competence analysis

    Once identified, areas with potential for operational enhancement are analysed. UniHouse OG  continues to partner closely with client personnel throughout the investigative phase of the project. This ongoing collaboration ensures that our enquiry is underpinned at all times by a comprehensive understanding of the business.

    We select from the range of analyses outlined below according to the specific areas to be investigated.


    The individual

    • Skills gap analysis: to assess the gap between an individual’s current abilities and desired abilities
    • Learner diagnostics: to inform training, an assessment of the learners’ prior knowledge and skills, identify interests and preferred learning styles
    • Learner analysis: data about learners and the environment in which learning takes place is used to optimise the learning experience


    The role

    • Training needs analysis: to identify the skills, knowledge and behavior required by personnel involved in a specific operational area
    • Task analysis: to describe and specify the skills needed by personnel occupying a particular role
    • Skills availability study: to determine skills gaps and training needs across various roles


    The business

    • Feasibility study: to objectively understand the viability of a business activity in terms of costs versus potential gains
    • Education market infrastructure appraisals: SWOT analysis uncovers the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats involved in a business venture
    • Competency management system (CMS) review: to aid the continuous development and implementation of competency frameworks and management systems
    • Training management services (TMS) review: in order to better co-ordinate and administer a complete training solution
    • PESTLE analysis: to examine the impact of political, economic, social, technological, legal and environmental factors on business activities


    Risk and safety

    • Risk identification and measurement: to prevent losses arising from inadequate or failed internal processes, staffing and systems, or from external events
    • Safety critical task analysis: to identify the key hazards, critical tasks, human failures and other factors affecting performance associated with any business activity
    • Job safety analysis: to systematically evaluate jobs, tasks, processes and procedures for hazards in order to reduce risks as low as reasonably practical

    3- Competence development strategy

    A vast array of knowledge, expertise and intellectual property is available to the Unihouse Techno Train team. We draw upon this extensive body of resources to deliver a tailored strategy to enhance competence across your business. Maintaining our partnership approach ensures total transparency as we develop the strategy.

    Creating a competence development strategy for your business may involve any or all of the following resources.


    Training at an individual level

    • Training plans/matrices: detailed information about the training topic and content, training recipients and frequency of training, plus training already completed
    • Design training interventions: actions designed to improve the progress of learners at risk of not fulfilling their potential
    • Curriculum training programme design : a training programme designed for specific individual subjects
    • Client-specific course design: course materials and curricula tailored to meet your specific academic, operational and HSSE requirements
    • Strategic options and choices: select from worldwide training locations, media and curricula to enhance the operational effectiveness of the learner
    • Competence standards: the selection or development of competence standards that best meet your business requirements and operational objectives
    • Assessment and verification processes: the creation of a system that meets the highest standards of quality assurance and upholds international standard requirements


    The wider business

    • Competency management system design: the creation of a full and comprehensive design to close all gaps within current CMS policies and processes
    • Training management system design: the creation of a full system to support all competency frameworks and management systems
    • Investment appraisal including cost-benefit analysis: to objectively evaluate the potential profits of an investment proposal
    • Business plan: to outline the way forward, identify and allocate resources, and highlight potential opportunities and difficulties
    • Operational readiness: we help to ensure that you have the right people in the right place at the right time, working with the right equipment and technologies, in accordance with your policies, procedures and protocols
    • Project planning: the process of quantifying the amount of time and size of budget allocated to a project. The resulting project plan is used to track project team progress
  • Competence development and assessment

    UniHouse Oil and Gas has the capability to see your competence development strategy through from inception to implementation – and beyond. We are global experts in delivering comprehensive training solutions for the oil and gas industry so we have at our disposal the infrastructure required to successfully execute safety, technical and behavioral training anywhere in the world.

    Our dedicated competence development and assessment service offers an extensive portfolio of courses and programmes designed to enhance workforce capability in all areas. We have our own highly experienced, multilingual team of instructors and safety professionals. Together they deliver and assess bespoke and industry-recognised training across many industrial disciplines.

    UniHouse Oil and Gas competence development and assessment service encompasses:

    1- Competence development programmes

    UniHouse Oil and Gas offers a portfolio of hundreds of competency-led training solutions. Our unrivalled expertise in curriculum development lets us tailor instruction to a client’s exact needs. We can design, deliver and evaluate bespoke programmes or modify a standard course to meet specific objectives. We also offer an extensive range of pre-approved, industry-recognised training.

    Courses deliver short, training-led interventions and programmes provide a clear pathway for progression in knowledge and skills. Learning takes place in the classroom or in a purpose-built training environment and we can also deliver on-the-job training for personnel unable to leave their duty stations.

    Language is no barrier to learning. We have a multilingual team of instructional staff and can also offer basic and technical English language training.

    Let UniHouse Oil and Gas Training Services help you to enhance performance, reduce risk and improve safety. Some examples of our training solutions are listed below.


    Training by specialism

    • Engineering technical training: across all engineering disciplines; including electrical, instrumentation, mechanical and construction skills
    • Operations technical training: covering all aspects of operations in both the upstream and downstream sectors
    • HSSE training: all elements of health, safety, security and environment training, delivered to the latest standards and current industry best practice
    • Construction technical training: covering all of the latest design and engineering construction techniques
    • Drilling technical training: involving every facet of drilling operations, delivered in line with the latest industry standards and best practice
    • Business skills training: encompassing the full range of business skills, including management, leadership, media skills, public relations and administration
    • Emergency response and crisis management (ERCM) training: for individuals and teams, to identify risks, determine appropriate response strategies and deal with emergency and crisis situations



    • Graduate development programmes: design and delivery of graduate programmes covering operational competency, design and practical construction skills
    • Assessor and verifier development programmes: to provide the knowledge and tools to assess and verify the competence of a learner in accordance with a competency framework or standard
    • Advanced development programmes: to enable the most capable learners to take training to the next level


    Other courses

    • Vendor courses: specialist training delivered by the manufacturer of the equipment or system
    • English language training: a structured route to learning the English language, with levels progressing from beginner to advanced levels.
    • Technical English language training: to equip learners with the technical language employed in everyday operations within the oil and gas sector
    • Leadership and behavioural training: instill in the leaders of tomorrow the skills required to mobilize resources and achieve business goals


    2- Facilities and resources

    Our scale of competence development support extends far beyond curriculum design and training delivery. UniHouse Oil and Gas operates and collaborate with global network of purpose-built specialist training centres, offering hands-on experience. We also have the capability to design, build and operate a facility for a client’s sole use.

    Our own\Partners training facilities are located in key oil and gas regions in Europe; the Middle East, Africa. So wherever in the world personnel require theoretical or practical training, we already have the classrooms, computer suites, simulators and workshops to meet demand.

    Businesses preferring to commission a private training facility will receive our support throughout the entire process. From design and engineering to management and operations, we can take care of every element. Back up is provided by our technical staff, who can build asset-specific training skids to aid instruction.


    For our clients, we can design, build and operate:

    • Training workshops of all sizes
    • Training simulators – to permit practical training in a classroom environment
    • Training skids – to deliver hands-on training on small scale pieces of plant and equipment
    • Training centres – to enable training to be applied on larger pieces of plant and equipment
    • Operations training plant – for training on large scale industrial plants


    3- High integrity competence assessment

    Maintaining the highest standards of competence across the workforce is key to the continued success of any business. UniHouse Oil and Gas can assess workforce competence as well as deliver training to enhance capabilities where necessary.

    Our highly qualified instructors are subject to rigorous vetting to ensure their suitability to conduct assessments of learner competence. We also consistently and conscientiously adhere to the independent accreditation standards of the courses we deliver.

    UniHouse Oil and Gas uses the range of methods below to assess workforce competence.

    • Competence management system: job descriptions may stipulate the key competencies required in a role. If ongoing performance management uncovers learning gaps, personnel may receive targeted training and assessment
    • On-the-job assessment: to assess an individual’s competence within a specific role. Must be able to competently perform any task relevant to the designated area of responsibility and normal working environment
    • Off-the-job assessment: to assess an individual’s academic knowledge or practical skill level against a competency standard. Normally conducted within a simulated environment
  • Competence assurance and management

    Demonstrate proven competence across the board, now and in the future. UniHouse Oil and Gas offers clients a comprehensive competence assurance and management service. Select from our range of auditing tools to assure and manage workforce competence in-house – or entrust us with the task.

    Competence development is a permanent commitment. It involves considerable time and focus, which is why we offer our clients an end-to-end solution. We identify areas for operational enhancement. We deliver a competence development strategy and training. We assess progress and continue to assure and manage competence on an ongoing basis.

    1- Competence compliance

    To accurately assess compliance across all of a client’s assets, UniHouse Oil and Gas employs a wide range of tools. Our competence compliance toolkit comprises the following audit and measurement techniques.

    Quality management system and procedures

    We instigate an efficient and cost-effective system to enable our client to work towards reducing – and, eventually, removing – specifications, standards and expectations that fail to conform to business goals.


    Quarterly performance reviews

    Performance is reviewed quarterly against predetermined key performance indicators.


    HSSE, EMS and TQM procedures

    We develop, implement and assess:

    • health, safety, security and environment procedures, to reduce risk to personnel and surroundings
    • environmental management systems, to minimise the impact of operational activities on the environment
    • total quality management procedures, to ensure compliance with international quality standards


    Nationalisation compliance

    We oversee the work of our client’s national staff, dedicated to ensuring compliance with regional and national laws where necessary.


    Assurance audits

    Quality assurance audits are conducted regularly to verify full compliance with international HSSE, EMS and TQM standards.


    Verification services

    We verify assessment and quality assurance compliance to international standards, as required by international accreditation and certification authorities.


    2- Competence management and support services

    UniHouse Oil and Gas has the capacity to support clients to varying levels in line with business needs. Many clients choose to outsource the assurance and management of competence to us.

    We can also provide further avenues of support, as outlined below.

    Training management services

    We provide professional and cost-effective outsourced training management solutions for the co-ordination and administration of a customer’s entire training requirement.


    Awarding bodies

    We assess and verify training against the standards stipulated by national awarding bodies:


    Vendor co-ordination and management

    Clients can employ our assistance to manage third parties that supply goods and/or services to the business.


    Satellite and external accreditations

    We can liaise with training facilities operating from afar to deliver certifications and awards under the auspices of a relevant accredited center or external awarding body.


    Performance Management

    To free up resources in-house, clients may entrust the performance management remit to our team. UniHouse Oil and Gas can deliver all administrative functions related to assuring and managing a competent workforce. Where performance can be improved, we will organize relevant training for personnel – and third party suppliers – at one of a range of facilities.

    Our full performance management service encompasses the following functions:

    • Learning evaluation: to determine the level of skills and knowledge transmitted during training
    • Document control: the monitoring of all documentation, specifications and processes in order to ensure that personnel follow the correct and current procedures
    • Recording and reporting: the collection and communication of all information relevant to the project or client requirements
    • Competent Management System and Training Management Services : professional and cost-effective training management solutions delivered by Petrofac Training Services.
    • Benchmarking: the comparison of processes and performance against the best in the industry. Particular attention is paid to quality, time and cost. Benchmarking reveals what makes a business successful and provides targets to emulate
    • Risk measurement: to assess the probability and potential impact of any given risk
    • Analytical and statistical performance analysis: to reveal drivers and barriers to performance success. These may be used to shape the best system for the achievement of defined business goals.